Beat Hopper en

Beat Hopper is a rhythmic 3D runner, where the player accelerates by using the “bunny hop” mechanics. By hopping over the obstacles you increase your speed and add tracks to the games’ soundtrack. Hopping in sync to the beat you earn additional points. 

Your goal is to pick up power-ups and avoid all hazards. By electing an optimal route you will be able to finish the level in a given amount of time. After completing the level you will be able to compare your score with others on a virtual scoreboard. 


This game is suitable for all ages, especially for players keen on dynamic gameplay and electronic music.


Gameplay scheme makes beat hopper a great game for people who love the speedrun, rivalry,  finishing game levels with an ideal score as well as perfecting the steering method.


While we are aware that the entry threshold might be high for beat Hopper, we are working on methods to simplify the controls for the early levels. This will allow players inexperienced in the hopping movement method, to modify specific aspects of steering and gameplay or exploring tutorial levels. 

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