Welcome to the Chess Puzzle Slot Machine!

We are the creators of ChessCorp – a game that teaches itself. A cross genre game between narrative adventure, strategy and chess. In order to advance in our game, you need to solve chess puzzles. The key thing is that those are AI generated. 

Let’s have a competition. Play our chess puzzle slot machine. Solve as many puzzles as you can in 5 minutes. The highest scorers will be mentioned in the game credits. The all time leader will receive a NFT token as a memorabilia of the achievement.

If you like the concept and the puzzles make sure to add us to your Steam wishlist – here. This is the only way we will be able to produce the full version of ChessCorp. 


Click on the picture above. Fill the form correctly (so we can let you know about the winnings) and pull the slot machines’ lever. You will end up with 3 chess pieces. All of those will be present on the board for the next puzzle. Although there might be more than those 3.  For all the puzzles you need to do the checkmate in 3 moves. You are white. You move the pieces by clicking on them and selecting the field, where you want the piece to move.   

You have 5 minutes to solve as many puzzles as you can. After the time is up, submit your score and… try again! 

The best result will be awarded with a ChessCorp NFT token. The top 10 will be mentioned in the game credits.